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Building the first-of-its-kind comprehensive wildlife microbiome database to enable a whole new scientific scope for health & conservation studies.


Why we do it

Exploring the untapped resource of wild microbiomes is allowing us to harness evolution’s solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.


How we do it

1.We go out

Our team of experts arrive into a nature reserve, either motorized or by foot, and complying with all local regulations- looking for wild animal species. Wherever biodiversity takes us- We’re there.

2.We sample

Thanks to our designated collection kits we sample fresh wild species’ gut-microbiome in all non-invasive methods. Such kits preserve genomic data which allow scientists the further study opportunities they need.

3.We document

Our field researchers document all relevant sorts of data using our specially created mobile app. Useful information such as host health, collection process & habitat is than automatically synced to the database. 

4.We analyze

Back in the lab, our biologists extract and sequence microbial DNA from the samples collected in the wild, using some of the most cutting-edge technologies.

5.Novel Microbiome Database

The first-of-its kind comprehensive wild microbiome database is than ready and is available for major scientific discoveries.



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