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The Wild Microbiome Project 

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What we do

We are exploring the untapped resources of wildlife microbiomes world-wide, using our technology & expertise to create the first-ever Wild Microbiome Database. 


Why we do it

To unveil a whole range of scientific knowledge, foster human health and biodiversity conservation research, and to tackle some of the world's most pressing challenges.



​Our collection experts travel world-wide, to find some of the most unique wild animal species on  Earth. Wherever biodiversity thrives – we are there.



We use our experience and honed field skills to track target species in their natural habitats.  With our specialized collection kits, we collect fresh wild-species’ gut-microbiomes, using non-invasive methods only.



Our field researchers document all relevant data on-site using our specially created mobile app. Critical information such as host health, collection process and habitats is then automatically synced to the database. 


Back in the lab, our biologists extract and sequence microbial DNA from the samples collected in the wild, using next generation sequencing and other cutting-edge technologies.

and Building

The result is the first-of-its kind comprehensive wildlife microbiome database - ready and available to facilitate major scientific discoveries.

How we do it

Where we do it


Who we are 

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Neta Raab


Neta earned her MSc in Microbiology and Synthetic Biology from Bar-Ilan University. She completed a training at Harvard University and acquired a strong background in synthetic biology. She is the CEO of Wild Biotech and directs research areas and focus of the project. 


Gal Zanir

Head of Field Research 

Passionate about wildlife conservation and science his whole life, Gal is our Zoology & Field expert. After graduating his Marine Biology studies & participating in various wildlife research projects he is now managing the sample collection effort & leading our expeditions world-wide.


Naomie Lecard

Field Research Coordinator 


Graduated from La Sorbonne University and Tel Aviv University, Naomie is specialised in Environmental Law. She deals with the scientific permits bureaucracy and manages the samples collected.

Our expeditions

Photos by Gal Zanir

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Our first of its kind database holds a

groundbreaking opportunity for new discoveries.

We are constantly expanding our collaborations world-wide. 

If you share our passion for discovery - we would love hearing from you. 


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